this is who we are

We are downtrodden, tortured, benighted shadows hovering through life hoping to find form someday. Life is not fair, but still we rise, wake up every morning with hope in our eyes and a prayer on our lips that today would bode better. The world has sealed our lips and denied us any words to speak our pain and find rest.

But not anymore!

We are Shadows, and we are taking back our voices!


Vision Statement

A world where no one has to go through anything alone. We offer a helping hand.

Mission Statement

Shadows and Voices actively seeks to build a self sustained community which provides assistance to itself and is a safe house for its members.

This is the corporate structure

The Corporate Structure: Shadows with Voices is a community of concerned and compassionate people, therefore every member of the forum is a team member. However, the in the core we are composed of a Team Leader/President, And Team members. There is minimal hierarchy in order to encourage creativity and free reign.

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